Dental Implants Are Not As Scary As You Think

Many people may be cautious about dental implants and sway towards removable dentures due to lack of confidence or understanding. But if you suffer from missing teeth, loose dentures or you’re unable to eat food you enjoy – dental implants are a fantastic option to consider.
Here at River Practice, we have years of experience with this life changing treatment and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call. This article will discuss how dental implants can have an affect on your life, the experience of having the treatment and how to manage life with a brand new smile.
What are dental implants?
Dental implants are replacement tooth roots and are used to offer a long-term solution for people with missing teeth.
Metal posts are inserted in the jawbone to hold a replacement tooth, crown or bridge in place. This provides a strong foundation and also is made to match your natural teeth. This is a great benefit from this treatment, no one can tell you have had the procedure as you can continue as if you have a whole set of natural teeth.
These metal posts take the same shape of a screw or cylinder and each implant is placed into a socket carefully drilled in a precise manner.
During the treatment, the dentist will ensure the implant with be in immediate proximity with the surrounding bone in your jaw. This will promote bone growth around the implant surface; it will ensure the efficiency and reliability of the implant.
With great care and consideration, the dental implants can last your entire life providing an excellent smile you won’t regret.
Ensure that the dentist you have contacted has the appropriate training and experience in the surgery. They should follow standards approved by the General Dental Council and don not hesitate to ask any questions you may be concerned with.
The treatment process
Dental implants can be a long treatment, and this is one reason many people may avoid the procedure. However, do not let that put you off as the results are worth it in the end.
With a multi step treatment, it can take several months to complete the treatment but constant support will be put in place.
Assessment and planning will begin, where your dentist can determine if you are suitable for the procedure. You will also have the chance to discuss alternative options and talk about any concerns you may have.
Within the first stages, a restorative dentist will insert the metal posts or implant into your jaw. Once completed, this will take several months to heal. The implant will integrate into the bone and provide an efficient replacement root which can last for yours.
Secondly, your dentist will attach an abutment to your implant which will then connect the implant to the replacement tooth. A temporary crown may be put in place while your permanent crown is made.
Finally, your permanent crown will be attached to the implant. The three stages can be completed within a year depending on how your bone heals around the implant.
What if the bone doesn’t heal?
More than 95% of dental implants are successful and many problems can be easily fixed. It is important that if any issues occur you contact your dentist as soon as possible. They can then take the appropriate action straight away.
If the bone does not heal around the implant and it becomes loose, it can be very easily removed. You jaw will be able to heal and once this has happened, your dentist can fit another implant.
This is unlikely to happen if your dentist is fully trained and experienced in dental implants. With sound knowledge they can access whether a dental implant is suitable for you.
Is the treatment painful?
The majority of people who have experienced dental implant treatment have not had discomfort during the procedure however every person is different. 
Local anesthesia is often used during the surgery therefore you should not experience any pain throughout this. You may however experience little discomfort after as your mouth is healing, this can be easily managed with over the counter pain relief. Your dentist may also suggest a sedative if you are experiencing anxiety or nervousness before the surgery.
Are dental implants for you?
Many people who have experienced tooth loss from tooth decay, an injury or gum disease may want to explore the option of dental implants. If you are having trouble eating hard foods such as fruit and bread, or you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth then this is also a great reason to consider treatment and find out more.
Mostly anyone can be suitable for dental implants. If you are healthy enough to have dental extraction and you have healthy gums and enough bone density you can be considered.
Also, it is important that you have good oral hygiene and you make routine appointments with your dentist to ensure you teeth are happy and healthy. The more you look after your implants, the more likely they will last during your lifetime and you won’t experience any problems.
If you smoke or suffer from chronic disorders such as diabetes or heart disease, make an appointment to see your dentist. They can advise if you can have treatment and evaluate you appropriately.
Whether you have just one tooth you’d like to be replaced or a whole set – the choice is up to you!
What are the benefits?
Dental implants can transform your life, improve your confidence and improve your every day life in more ways than you think. They improve your appearance, make you feel confident in your new look and your self-esteem will be lifted!
Firstly, dental implants look like completely natural teeth. You won’t ever have to worry about your dentures slipping or smiling in public.
With tooth loss, you can have trouble with eating and you often have to avoid food you love such as apples, bread and sweets. Sliding dentures can be a nightmare when eating food, whereas with dental implants you can enjoy food without any discomfort or trouble.
Dentures can often lead to poor speech; this is as they can slip resulting in mumbling and slurring words. You can speak clearly with confidence due to dental implants.
They can also last your lifetime with great care. This means they are a great investment and you don’t have to have the added stresses of replacing removable dentures. Also, you don’t have to experience the annoyance of taking your dentures out and experiencing embarrassment when they slip.
Finally, your oral health will be improved. With dental implants you can access the teeth easier and also not compromise other teeth which may need to support removable dentures.
How to look after your dental implants
After your dental implants are completed you must ensure great care is given to your implants. Maintaining good oral health will increase the chances of durability.
Your dentist will provide you with after care instructions, telling you exactly what you need to do to look after your implants. They may also provide you with pain relief to manage discomfort.
Brushing your teeth will be no different to having your real teeth therefore you can clean your teeth as normal. If you have areas harder to reach, turn to your dentist for advice.
Don’t forget to make routine appointments with your dentist and hygienist to ensure everything is running smoothly and to keep check on your oral health. This also allows you to ask any questions you may have after the treatment.
Finding confidence again
Dental implants can change your life for the better. If you have suffered from low self-esteem and discomfort from missing teeth, dental implants can make many of your worries disappear.
Many people do not wish to consider this treatment as it can be long, and the known risks can be daunting. With a trained and trusted dentist you can be confident a thorough, professional and effective treatment will be provided.
Also seek a dentist who can answer any of your concerns about the treatment. With confidence in your dentist, you can be happy to return for regular check ups or approach them for any of your needs.
With a better understanding of dental implants, you can seek a reliable dentist and begin your journey of a better smile.
Dental implants provide a huge number of benefits. You may be surprised at how easy the treatment process will be for you. However it is important to make you aware that every person will be different, but our fully qualified and friendly dentists will guide through every step of the way.
From boosting your confidence to making everyday activities easier – you won’t be disappointed.
Contact us today if you are interested in dental implants. Our dentists have had extra training and experience, providing a professional approach in South West Cornwall.
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