Orthodontics – Invisible Fixed Braces (Incognito)

Incognito braces are often considered to be ‘invisible’ because they are fixed to the back of teeth so they can’t be seen when you smile. They offer similar advantages to traditional fixed braces.

Using state-of-the-art technology, these 100% customised braces offer precise bracket placement to achieve the perfect fit. Our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Jeremy Peak, was amongst the first in the country able to offer ‘Incognito’ lingual orthodontic braces.


Incognito is often used if only the front teeth need straightening, or you have had previous orthodontic work. They are also suitable for minor alignment corrections.

Treatment benefits

The main benefit of Incognito is how hidden they are, whilst retaining the benefits of fixed braces. Only people you choose to tell will know they are there, so this option is ideal for patients with public-facing roles or those who are self-conscious.

As well as being totally custom-made to fit your teeth and mouth, Incognito braces remove the risk of damage to the front teeth surface and have fewer wires so require less visits to the orthodontist.

Incognito is also suitable for nickel allergy sufferers as the brackets are manufactured from gold.

Invisible fixed brace treatment experience

You may experience a little discomfort when the brace is being fitted or following adjustments to the wire; however, this will pass quickly.

Achieving the best results

It is important that you keep your appointments, follow all advice provided by your orthodontist and maintain exceptional oral hygiene during your treatment to achieve the best results.

Looking after your brace

Braces are delicate appliances and it is advised to avoid hard, sticky or sweet food and drink whilst wearing the brace to prevent damage.

If your brace breaks, contact River Practice immediately by calling 01872 242444.

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I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with the experience I’ve had with Jeremy, Laura and the team at the River Practice. 

It took me the best part of 12 years to build up the courage to improve my smile. I was worried about the discomfort of the treatment, if my speech would be affected (I meet clients a lot for my work) and the expense of having orthodontic work carried out – and I realise now I needn’t have worried about a thing! 

Wearing the incognito braces was an absolute pleasure (I’m almost sad to see them go), and though there were a couple of occasions when I experienced a little discomfort, it really wasn’t that bad at all. Speech-wise, I had very slight lisp for the first couple of days after having the braces fitted, but my mouth got used to them pretty quickly and my “Th’s” and my “S’s” quickly returned to normal. In terms of the cost, though it seemed expensive initially, as soon as saw the care Jeremy and the team provided, and the improvements the treatment offered – it suddenly seemed like actually it was excellent value for money! 

I would encourage anybody considering orthodontic care at the River Practice to go for it – you’ll be delighted with the experience and the results!