Orthodontics – Invisible Removable Braces

Invisible removable braces are a series of clear, removable aligners which work in a similar way to traditional metal braces but with a number of benefits and advantages. Provided by Invisalign and Clear Step, invisible removable braces are a relatively new concept for treatment of minor orthodontic problems.

Firstly, we take moulds of your teeth and then use these to create a series of plastic aligners which are totally bespoke to your teeth. These aligners are worn for 2 weeks at a time and result in small movements of your teeth until they reach the desired location.

Suitability for invisible removable braces

Invisible braces are a great solution for those with minor alignment problems and are self-conscious about being seen with more traditional braces. However, commitment is key with this treatment as you’ll need to be able visit us every two weeks for your new aligner to be created.

Treatment benefits of invisible removable braces

‘Invisible’ braces are often a preferred choice for those who are conscious about being seen wearing a brace. As they’re clear retainer-type braces, no-one need know that you’re having orthodontic treatment – only those you choose to tell.

As with all orthodontic treatment, having straight teeth will make it easier for you to keep them clean and reduce the risk of gum disease in the future. The benefit of removable braces over fixed braces is that they can be removed for cleaning, flossing and for sport as necessary.

Invisible braces treatment experience

As invisible braces are similar to a retainer, there are no protruding wires or brackets which could cause irritation on your gums or tongue. When you wear a new set of invisible braces you may experience some mild discomfort but this should be short-lived.

Achieving the best results

Invisible braces need a big time commitment so it’s important before beginning your treatment that you’re sure that you can attend appointments every fortnight. As with all orthodontic treatment, you should pay careful attention to the advice of your orthodontist to be sure you achieve the best results.

Looking after your invisible brace

Invisible braces should be removed for eating and drinking. Be sure to keep then clean by brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day.

If your invisible brace breaks or your lose it, contact River Practice immediately by calling 01872 242444.

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