Private Treatment Options

All patients that are treated by our team at River Practice can be confident in receiving the very best standard of specialist dental treatment. However, for those looking for the widest range of services and added benefits such as evening appointments, or interest-free payment options, we also offer two levels of private care.

The Gold Service: This is our private service for adults and children who need flexibility in appointment times. Our Gold Service patients can choose evening appointments and also have the widest choice of braces, including invisible ones.

The Silver Service: This service option is ideal for children who want to avoid long NHS waiting lists but are happy with daytime appointments and silver coloured braces.

For more information about private dental treatment prices at River Practice, see our Price List.

Benefits of private treatment:

  • Affordability – At River Practice, Truro, we offer a choice of payment options for treatments including interest-free monthly instalments to make private specialist dental treatment more affordable
  • Convenience – Our private patients will usually be offered a consultation within 3 weeks of referral, and private specialist treatment can begin shortly afterwards
  • AccessibilityNHS treatment is restricted to children with relatively severe problems; however, private patients will be able to avoid long waiting lists and can receive orthodontic treatment for cosmetic as well as dental health reasons
  • Efficiency – We’re able to see private patients at more frequent intervals, meaning that we can often speed-up the total treatment time. We can also offer low friction brackets to further reduce treatment time and require fewer visits. This is ideal for children at boarding school or those who travel a long distance for treatment.

To find out more about private treatment at River Practice, contact our team today by calling 01872 242 44.