10 Tips For The Perfect Smile With River Practice

Have you always wanted that perfect smile?
It’s not as difficult as you may think. With these simple tips, you’re teeth will be looking better than ever and you will become uplifted with confidence as you share your gleaming smile with the world.
All you have to do is give your teeth the care they need, and you’ll be turning heads with that new smile.

Flossing is fantastic

Flossing should be an important part of your everyday routine but many of us forget the benefits.
With flossing twice a day, this ensures that your mouth hygiene is up to scratch. It gives you the chance to blitz away that unwanted plaque and prevent future problems such as gum disease and tooth loss.
If you have braces, we recommend threaders which work wonder at getting in between the wires and floss without any troubles.

Reduce the amount of coffee

Coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes can all have a devastating effect on your teeth. We understand that it can be hard to leave the house without your morning fix, but this can leave your teeth feeling unloved.
The pigments of the dark coloured drinks can become lodged into the ridges in you teeth – leaving those yellowing stains and becoming the main feature of your smile.
What about adding more milk?
Unfortunately adding a splash into your coffee isn’t going to do you any favours. The amount of pigment and acid found in pigmented drinks will still remain.
The only way to make sure your teeth are protected from discolouration is to give it up completely.
This can be hard and almost impossible for some, so what else can we consider if we don’t want to wipe out coffee or wine completely?
River Practice recommends taking a coffee break during the day, rather than sipping continuously throughout the day. This will reduce the risk of build up of the pigmentation during a long time on frequent intervals.
If you can reach your toothbrush, clean your teeth or rinse your mouth out with cold water, which will reduce the amount of pigmented colour sinking into your teeth.
Brush regularly and don’t forget to visit your dentist for regular check ups and cleanings.

H2O is your best friend

As the summer approaches, we are more inclined to reach for sugary drinks such as soft drinks, fizzy drinks and sports drinks.
This needs to be consumed at meal times and in moderation to ensure that your teeth are protected. Simply swap these sugary treats for water!
River Practice recommends buying a bottle to carry around with you. This is a great idea to make you more likely to sip water during the day but also it has a great impact on the environment, as you are less likely to use plastic bottles.
Not to mention the great benefits of H2O maximising energy levels, brain function and improving physical performance.
If you decide to treat yourself to a soft drink, top tips include rinsing your mouth with water afterwards and chewing sugar free gum to help clean your teeth.
Keep reading to find out more about why keeping gum handy will help your teeth…

Get chewing

The sugar in sugar free gum is replaced by sweeteners which will not cause any problems to your teeth. Sugary gum will result in a build up of plaque and could result in tooth decay over a period of time.
Chewing gum is usually used in between meals to increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. This reduces the amount of acid in your mouth as the saliva fights against it to protect your teeth.
Xylitol found in gum helps prevents plaque build up while also decreasing tooth decay.
Do you suffer from bad breath?
Make your smile bright and clean by reaching for sugar free gum. This will make sure your mouth doesn’t go dry and will decrease the likeliness of bad breath.
A question often asked is whether whitening gum actually has an effect. Although it doesn’t whiten your teeth, it may reduce any further staining in the future.
Please note it is not advisory to chew gum if you have dentures or braces. The gum may stick to your wires or the palate of your denture.

Should you be using an electrical toothbrush?

Whether you enjoy using a manual or electric toothbrush, they both do the job. Make sure you brush all of the surfaces of your teeth and that your toothpaste contains fluoride.
Look for a toothbrush providing soft or medium bristles and brush your teeth twice a day to ensure you are maintaining good oral health.
When popping toothpaste into your basket, take a look at how much fluoride it contains. Always choose a toothpaste that contains 1450ppm, children can use the same amount of fluoride.

Brush your tongue

It’s easy! After you have finished brushing your teeth, don’t forget to pop a dab of toothpaste on your brush and brush the top of your tongue.
You can also buy toothbrushes with a tongue cleaner. This will not only minimise bad breath but also attack the bacteria left on your tongue.
Similarly to teeth, your tongue is covered in little cracks and ridges where bacteria like to hide. Simply brush your tongue back and forth, side to side and then rinse your mouth with water.

Brush your teeth twice a day

As we previously touched upon, brushing your teeth twice a day is so important. But are you brushing properly?
Each time you brush your teeth, aim to clean for at least two minutes. It may be worth popping on a timer to keep an eye on the time.
By holding your brush at a 45 degree angle, you can effectively clean your teeth by brushing in small circular strokes. While applying gentle pressure, brush the backs and fronts of your teeth – don’t forget to brush the hard to reach places too!
Also, we recommend waiting half an hour after eating to brush your teeth. So your mouth has reached a neutral PH level any sooner may risk your teeth’s enamel to be eroded.

Reach for the cheese…

Eating healthy foods can do wonderful things for your teeth. Calcium is so important for healthy teeth and bones so it’s important we keep this topped up and strengthen both these parts of the body.
Make sure you are consuming foods such as milk and cheese. This is especially important in young children, teenagers and elderly women who need an increased amount of calcium.

Say hi to your dentist

Still struggling to gain that perfect smile? Visit River Practice where we can provide a whole range of services to make this happen.
From orthodontics, visiting the hygienist to teeth whitening – we can provide a service which suits your needs.
Regular check ups will also make sure your teeth are healthy. Our hygienists can also get to those hard to reach areas and thoroughly clean your teeth. This can help remove unwanted stains from coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes.
Don’t be shy to reach out for support and help to achieve that smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Smile more!

Practise makes perfect! Simply smile and you’ll be turning heads with your positive energy.
With these 10 simple tips you will be on your way to achieving that gleaming smile.
Don’t forget that River Practice can provide helpful advice, support and effective treatments to fit your needs. Give us a call today and find out how we can start your journey.