Dealing With Dental Phobia

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Visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience for many but this doesn’t need to be the case. Today River Practice are sharing with you top tips to leave those worries behind and leave the dentist with a smile.
Dental phobia is more common than you may think. According to the NHS, one in four people have a fear of visiting the dentist. You are certainly not alone with thousands of people across the UK experiencing the same feelings. There are plenty of options to consider to make the experience in the dentist chair much more comfortable.
There may be numerous reasons for a person to experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. For example, people can be fearful of the diagnosis process, needles and drills or perhaps they find the visit embarrassing. Do not fear! Dentists are trained and have experience with nervous patients and they are not here to judge you. They are here to help you, so remain positive as is a healthy habit we all need to keep.
Dentists understand the fear and concerns their patient may have. They will also ensure that you feel relaxed and have the most comfortable experience possible during your visit.
Dental phobia can become an issue if you have had a bad experience at the dentist, but this fear could also be linked to mental health problems. If you continue to experience nervousness when visiting the dentist do not hesitate to speak to your dentist of doctor for further advice.
It is also important that you have a good support network. Don’t forget to find an understanding dentist to accommodate your needs appropriately.

What if my child suffers from dental phobia?

It can be a challenge to take your child to the dentist but we can provide you with a few tips to make improve this.

Remain calm

Children can experience dental phobia and as a parent it is important you remain a good support during this time. Try to remain calm with the lead up to the visit and also during the process so your child does not become more anxious during the visit.

Make it clear

It is useful for your child to fully understand the procedure, whether this is a visit or treatment. Sitting down with the dentist and discussing future visits will allow your child to form an understanding and be aware of what to expect with every visit.

Make it a healthy habit

Ensure that you a visit to the dentist with your child is a positive experience. Also, remind them that this is a healthy activity to make sure we do not experience problems in the future.

Research into the dentist

If your child has trouble with visiting the dentist, choose a dentist who has experience and training with children. This will ensure that it is a good experience and appropriate treatment is taken to make them feel relaxed. Most dentists have specialist training in nervous or phobic patients so you won’t need to worry.

Speak to a doctor

If your child continues to experience dental phobia, speak to your doctor, counselling or alternative options could be an option to consider.

Let’s talk tips! What can you do to beat dental phobia?

Talk to family or friend

Discuss your concerns with family or friends, this is a great way to get your worries off of your chest and open up about your fears. You probably know someone who has experienced the same feelings about visiting the dentist and this means you won’t feel so alone.
Alternatively, you may find confidence in discussing this with others who have no worries when visiting their dentist. Ask your friends about their experiences, they can offer support and advice.

Find an understanding dentist

It is important that you research and find a suitable dentist for you. Do not be afraid about discussing your worries with them and also ask any questions you may be concerned with. It may also be beneficial to look for a dentist who has training in dental anxiety. This will make you more confident with your future visits.

Look around

Visit the dental practice you are interested in. This is a great way to get to know the environment before visiting and also meet the staff.
Once you are familiar with the setting, you are going to feel much more comfortable and confident about seeing the dentist. Once you have made your decision, a consultation may be a great way to discuss any worries you may have.

Take someone to your appointment

If you would like a boost in confidence for your check up or treatment, bring along a friend. Whether it is your mum or your best friend – company is a great way to gain support.

Book it early

Book your appointment early to stop the build up of worry during the day. This will avoid any build up of anxiety during the day and also gets it out of the way, so you can get on with your day happily!

Adult sedation

Adult sedation is an option when you have a phobia of visiting the dentist. This is usually used if the patient is nervous before a procedure. Discuss the options with your dentist and choose a suitable option for you.

Meet Tamsin

Tamsin is a new addition to River Practice in Cornwall and we are so thrilled to have her as part of the team. She is a specialist in Paediatric Dentistry and Special Care Dentistry – this means she is great with children as well as adults!
Tamsin has a special interest in helping patients with significant dental anxiety to obtain appropriate dental care while also having excellent communication skills.
If you suffer from dental phobia, Tamsin is a great choice. She is currently available for patient referrals including adult sedation for restorative work and extractions, including difficult extractions and surgery cases.
Tamsin is not the only dentist with these skills. Our dentists all have excellent experience and knowledge with supporting nervous patients. A friendly dentist is important, so it is time to find the right dentist for you.
Would you like to speak to one of our dentists? Contact us today for more information – we would love to chat.