There are so many options for cosmetic dentistry nowadays

There are so many options for cosmetic dentistry nowadays, whether it’s braces, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants or dentures; it’s hard to know what’s right for you. At River Practice, we always want to do what’s right for our patients. We can help you make the right decision for your teeth and smile, both for cosmetic purposes and for your health.
For broken teeth or teeth with a large defective filling, as long as you have healthy roots, crowns could be suitable option to create a healthy-looking smile.
Porcelain crowns are best for closer to the front of the mouth, rather than back teeth as they’re not quite as durable as other options we can provide.
If you choose to have crowns fitted, you will first have a consultation so we can ensure that you’ll be happy with your new crown. At your next appointment, your tooth will be prepared and impressions are taken, then a temporary crown is fitted. At the next appointment, your permanent crown is fitted.
Approximate cost:
From £850
How long do they last?
Around 15 years.
If you have teeth in a row that are missing, broken or discoloured, a bridge could be a suitable option.
A bridge is placed on each side of a false tooth and the new false tooth/teeth slots in between the healthy teeth to create a healthier looking smile.
Approximate cost:
From £900
How long do they last?
Over 10 years.
A more permanent/alternative option for missing teeth or to help stabilise dentures are implants. Implants are permanently fixed in with false teeth that are attached to metal pegs. Implants can replace 1 missing tooth or can replace a whole arch.
Approximate cost:
From £2875
How long do they last?
15 years +
Dentures are an easily removable and non-permanent alternative to cosmetic dentistry. No surgery is required like there would be with implants. If more teeth are damaged or lost, then it is quick and easy to accommodate the changes needed to create a healthier looking smile. Dentures are helpful if you have recently experienced surgery, or you’ve had a tooth taken out as it would allow time for the mouth to heal before the possibility of implants etc.
Approximate cost:
From £1000
How long do they last?
Product can be removed when needed, however will last between 5 and 10 years
Last but not least is one of the most common types of cosmetic dentistry.
Braces are a common from of cosmetic dentistry no matter your age and are suitable so long as your teeth and gums are healthy. Braces are suitable if your teeth are not aligned correctly and you would like a healthy, straight smile. There are many different options for braces, click the link below to learn more about what we offer at River Practice with our full blog post on braces.

The Stages of Getting Braces

Approximate cost:
Around £2500+
How long do they last?
Braces can be removed from 9 months, however the treatment will last your whole life providing you wear a retainer when needed.
Once you have been seen for a full consultation, we will be able to provide a full written quote. This is fixed and will only be amended after consultation with you. Our payment plans are also of fixed length and so there will be no hidden charges.