Things Gone Wrong  | Libster

Hi and welcome back to my blog!
Today I’m going to talk about what you should do if part of your brace breaks.
Very often during your treatment, parts of the brace can come off or the wire can pop out at the back. Some of the time it might not exactly be your fault but avoiding hard, crunchy chewy and sticky foods will prevent this from happening. Usually, it happens when you’re eating and oops, your wire at the back has come out! First thing, don’t panic. Just stay calm and things will be fine. Secondly, phone your parents/ carer. This can be difficult if you’re at school in the middle of a maths test – unfortunate lesson – but at your earliest convenience make the call.
Next step – book an appointment to get it put back in or the brackets glued back on, your parents/ career should do this. Then if you feel that it is painful, you should have some wax in a tiny box. Put this over the end of the wire or on part of the brace that is rubbing and there you go. It can be quite fiddly to  put it on , dry the brace first with a tissue or cotton bud and soften the wax between your fingers, this should help it stick and it should go on eventually.
Hope this has helped you if you were in this situation.