A Few Weeks Later | Libster

A few weeks after you got your braces fitted, you will need to visit the orthodontist again to have the braces adjusted or the arch wire changed. This happens between 8- 10 weeks but it’s nothing to worry about, it’s nothing you haven’t done before!
In these appointments, your orthodontist or orthodontic therapist will be checking your progress and will be changing the wires and elastic bands (tightening) as you may have heard it called before, as it can feel tighter once it has been done. You get to choose a new colour of elastic bands too!
The reason why I said “it’s nothing that you haven’t done before” is because you simply sit the ‘oh so comfy’ chair and let them do the work. Also, the same as last time, they will talk to you about your progress and answer any questions you may have. And again the same as last time – it’s very repetitive – you won’t feel any pain but it might feel just a little strange, later in the day your teeth will most likely ache so just take your appropriate amount of pain killers when you need to.
Top Tip:
For a couple of days, I recommend eating soft foods like at the beginning of your treatment.
So that’s it for this blog, just keep everything clean and wait for your perfect smile to come through at the end. It’s worth it!