Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments can help you achieve a perfect smile by eliminating food and drink stains which aren’t removed with ordinary brushing.

Teeth whitening can be a highly effective, simple and low-cost way of improving your teeth and is often used by our orthodontics’ patients at the end of their treatment to add the final touches to their new look.

Suitability for teeth whitening

Teeth that do not have any visible fillings, or porcelain work, can usually be successfully whitened. Our specialist dentists have years of experience in this treatment and will honestly inform you of the results you can expect.

Teeth whitening methods

The two methods used for tooth whitening at the River Practice in Truro, Cornwall are take-home trays and our in-surgery AirFlow lemon jet spray.

Home teeth whitening kits

Moulds of your teeth are taken in the surgery from which a protective sleeve will be custom-made to protect your gums during treatment.

Full instructions for tooth whitening at home will be provided by your specialist including how much gel to use and how often.

This convenient method of teeth whitening means you can undertake treatment in the comfort of your own home. You will see results in a few days.

AirFlow in-surgery lemon jet spray

Another alternative for stain removal and teeth whitening is AirFlow. Using air, sodium bicarbonate and water, the AirFlow system offers immediate results, removing stains without bleaching.

Off-the-shelf teeth whitening products

With the extensive range of teeth whitening kits available in high-street stores, you could be tempted to try these kits to whiten your teeth at home.

So many everyday items can leave a lasting stain on your teeth – tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes, etc. There are lots of products available to remove these stains, but these tooth whitening kits don’t actually change the colour of your teeth underneath the stains.

To achieve a change in the colour of your teeth, professional teeth whitening treatments are needed.

Find out more about our expert dentists in Our Team or view the price list for teeth whitening treatment.