Our Team

Jeremy Peak

Specialist in Orthodontics

GDC No: 64835

Peter Davis

Specialist in endodontics

GDC No: 73686

Ben Pearson

Dentist with extensive experience in periodontics

GDC No: 64059

Dr. Vali Mirzayan

restorative & implant dentist

GDC No: 71356

Dr. Nina Khaira

Aesthetic & Resotrative dentist

GDC No: 81137

Tamsin Hearle

Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry

Catherine McAvoy

Dentist with a special interest in orthodontics

GDC No: 85354

Sean Hamilton

Specialist in Orthodontics

GDC No: 79185

Alison Brown

Dental Hygienist

GDC No: 4529

Laura Prissell

Trainee Orthodontic Therapist

GDC No: 173645

Mary Ashdown

Dentist with special interest in orthodontics

GDC No: 57866

Lisa Holmes – Practice Manager
GDC No: 123364

Jessie Bowden
Assistant Practice Manager

Tiffany Gillard – Dental Nurse
GDC 251124

Gemma Berry – Dental Nurse
GDC 262752

Amie Harry – Compliance Lead
GDC 186891

Laura Kingdom – Dental Nurse
GDC 283126

Maria Velasques Villegas
GDC 280376

Alice Higgs – Dental Nurse
GDC 206623

Gemma Meagor – Dental Nurse
GDC 117685

Natalie Rathbone – Dental Nurse / Receptionist
GDC 248000

Val Ferrett – Receptionist

Danielle Smith – Receptionist / Dental Nurse
GDC 279870

Zoe Poole – Dental Nurse
GDC 223071

Harry Peak
Trainee Dental Nurse