Root Canal

Endodontics – Root Canal Treatment

If the soft tissue or ‘pulp’ at the centre of the tooth becomes infected, diseased or injured, root canal – or endodontic – treatment can be undertaken. This will remove bacteria from the root canal and seal the tooth with a filling or a crown.

Pulp is easily damaged by bacteria that can penetrate it from decay, trauma, gum recession, and through cracks caused by heavy biting forces. If the pulp is not treated, it can lead to painful toothache caused by an abscess.

Suitability for root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is undertaken at River Practice, Truro, by our specialist endodontist Peter Davis who will first assess your suitability for treatment and the complexity of procedure required. Some teeth have a single, wide, straight root canal, whilst others may have 4 (or occasionally more) narrow and curved canals and this will obviously impact on your treatment plan.

The myth of root canal treatment pain

The words ‘root canal’ often instil a fear of severe pain; however, with advanced modern technology, root canal treatment should no longer be a feared treatment.

In reality, root canal is very similar to having a filling and is conducted under local anaesthetic. With the tooth and surround gum numbed, you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. Your endodontist will explain the procedure in more detail and be able to answer any questions you have.

Achieving the best results

It is important that you maintain exceptional oral hygiene and regularly visit your dentist following your root canal treatment to ensure that infection does not reoccur.