Break out of your shell this Easter

With the Easter holidays in full swing, here are some activities you can complete that can really shake things up. As you know we’re all about dental hygiene and this time of year can be really trying for teeth. Especially for the little ones! Instead of relying on the classic chocolate Easter eggs and chasing your sugar-crazed tikes around the house, use your time to make some memories.

Liven up a family walk with the incentive of catching the Easter Bunny! Bring along some carrots to feed the hallmark rabbit and for some snacks along the way. Easter is predominately accompanied by flowers and sunshine, so getting lost in the woods sounds like the perfect Easter adventure.
Crafts are a great way to help enhance creativity and relax after the initial excitement of the morning rush. There are hundreds of different craft ideas that cleverly use common household items in a multitude of ways. From simple ideas to the advanced craftsmanship you’ll be able to entertain each and every age group.
Across the world you can find a variety of interesting, traditional ceremonies that celebrate the history and culture that encompasses this time of year. On the Greek island of Corfu, you can find the residents throwing pots and pans into the street. This takes place on the morning of “Holy Saturday” and some of its’ locals believe that the throwing of the pots welcomes spring, symbolising that new crops will be gathered in the new pots.

The Story of Easter
The Easter story is centred at the heart of Christianity. You can use this period to discuss the history of the religion. The story tells of Jesus, who was crucified on Good Friday and resurrected on Easter Monday. The holiday celebrates this occasion in order to honour the memory of Jesus.

Keeping chocolate away from your little ones isn’t an easy task and of course, it would be cruel not to allow them to divulge a little over the season, but remember too many chocolatey treats can lead to tooth decay. Ensure your children brush their teeth twice a day at least half an hour after their Easter treats.
At River Practice we support a variety of families through their paediatric dentistry needs. We have a paediatric specialist and offer a wide range of treatments for people of all ages. Ensure all your oral health needs are taken care of and remember we are here for all your specialist needs!
Have a great Easter!
Everyone from the River Practice Team