Don't Give Up! | Libster

Welcome back to my blog, today’s blog is something a little bit different. I’m going to talk about certain hurdles that you might have to jump and the orthodontic journey in general.
The reason why I called this blog “Don’t Give Up!” is because sometimes once you get into the treatment you can feel a little disheartened and lazy with braces.
Sounds odd, I know but because you’re wearing them 24/7 for quite some time they can just feel like a liability at times.
Well they’re not, just think, you’ve put so much effort into handling them for a while so what’s the point in giving up now. I understand that you can have parents nagging you and telling you to clean them but actually listen to them. As much as I don’t won’t to admit this, they are right! It’s so important to keep the braces clean and the gums healthy.
Whenever you are feeling a little down in the dumps and want to just bite into the food you are missing, just remind yourself why you did this. Remind yourself how much better you will feel and look at the end of treatment. Just keep looking ahead and smile, after all, they are just braces; once they are off , it will be all smiles!