Awkward Moments | Libster

Hi everyone, welcome back. This post is about those awkward moments you may encounter when wearing a brace and advice on how to survive them. I have experienced a few, so I am happy share my advice and hope that this might help some of you.
First of all, the one I find most embarrassing is cleaning your braces in the school bathroom. This can be so awkward as your just stood there brushing your teeth with the tall, older girls looking at you like you’re weird. Or even if you are older, the little kids could look at you in the same way. Well a little tip, instead of cleaning your teeth in public and on show you can do it in private. Of course you can’t really brush your teeth in a cubical but on the odd occasion you can take a mouth full of mouthwash, wash it around for a minute or so and then quietly spit into the toilet, flush, walk out and there you go. You’re done!
Another embarrassing moment is when you’re walking on a windy day and your long flowing hair blows in your mouth and gets stuck around your brace! Don’t panic just carefully remove it and tie your hair back!
To be honest, if I have ever had an embarrassing moment in front of people, it is usually in front of my friends, I just laugh and play along with the joke because it’s not a bad thing to have braces. It is so common and loads of people have them. Just think, by the end of it you will have that perfect smile so a little laugh and a joke is all worth it!
Thank you for reading this blog, see you next time!