Start Of The Journey | Libster  

Welcome to a new blog post and this week’s blog is about getting through those first few days.
When you get your braces on, it may take a couple of days for things to settle down, during these days, it can be a little uncomfortable but I have gathered a few tips to get through this!
First of all, if needed take painkillers like for what you would normally take for a head ache. You might feel like you don’t want to eat or that you can’t eat but the best thing to do is to try and not eat food like gourmet burgers and ribeye steaks, just soft things like ice cream, mash potato, scrambled eggs and pasta. The more often you eat whilst they are a little bit tender, the quicker you will get used to your braces, I personally found that ice cream helped ease the discomfort.

Of course I’m not an expert but this definitely worked for me however you might find your own routine that fits better, please feel free to share tips through the River practice Facebook page.
By day three the discomfort had passed and the braces just felt part of me, I didn’t need any painkillers by day three and I had developed a routine with eating and brushing. I can already see that my front 2 teeth have moved slightly which is very encouraging. I can’t wait to see my smile transform!