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I have many great tips and advice for getting through your teenage years with your troublesome teeth. Fortunately, braces will make a massive change to your future smile but commitment and responsibility are needed.
Luckily for you, I know how to get through them with the cheeky tips.
Before you even get your braces on, there’s work to be done. Something that I wish I would have done is eaten all the chocolate you can possibly find, as you won’t be eating it for a while! Now, on a more serious note, getting braces can be quite nerve wracking but the consultations definitely helped me.
Another point is that you will need to brush your teeth more regularly and getting into a routine helps you do this. A couple of days before you get your braces, practise brushing in all the right places and at the right time. If you master these few steps and keep calm, then you will be raring and ready to go!
On the day of getting your braces you will probably feel anxious – don’t worry this is completely natural. Before I went into the surgery room, I had my impressions and photos taken by a very friendly and gentle nurse, Debs. When you are in this situation you might feel intimidated by the smile machine. If you do, just laugh at the thought of you looking like Wallace and Gromit.
Libster - Teeth without Retractors
After this stage, Lesley called me into the room and sat me down in the oh so comfortable chair and talked me through the procedure. I thought getting my braces on would feel like it took forever but it passed very quickly and it ran smoothly.
Ok, next you will get the “yay, I have my braces on” sensation and reality hits. Lesley talked me through when I should brush my teeth, how often, how, what I should eat and all the other important things I needed to know. For those of you who enjoy taking selfies, like me, it is still possible. Don’t worry!
Libster Selfie
The main things overall are to listen, keep calm and just go with the flow. Just remind yourself that you will have the greatest smile afterwards and you can be proud of it!
See in my next blog post with more advice on living life with braces.